List of Low Shedding Small Dogs

This list contains the top low shedding small dogs. If you own one of these small dogs you will have a hard time locating a hair in your home. That’s how little they shed!If you’re a clean freak then one of these small dogs might be perfect for you. There is a constant need certainly to vacuum up hair! The reduced hair shedding breeds are often much better when you have allergies to dander (the dead skin flakes that causes allergies) because the low shedding small dogs below produce less dander compared to the higher shedding breeds. This does not mean that you should not maintain their hair. Some of these small dogs need regular grooming, washing and be brushing. Regarding hairless dogs, like the Chinese Crested, you will have to wash them on a regular basis. These small dogs produce sebum which should be cleaned at least once a week. Consult an expert to know the appropriate products for your small dog.

This list is in no particular order as they are all low shedders.